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Why I love wedding photography

Wedding photography at its core is creating memories and capturing emotion. A photograph is a biography of a moment. Each of these photos holds to me a journey into its own very unique moment. Join me in this photographic essay that speaks intimately  about Andrea and Sean’s beautiful day.  Hopefully the flow and story of their day will inspire you to see photographs from a  fresh perspective.  Thanks for checking this out.

In stride,



Getting in close to anticipation is the best

Spontaneous interactions through an arch and tree!

The best views are sometimes unexpected

Your so fly!

Fun in the spotlight


This cover was a must in the midday sun and created beautiful diffused light.

Blissful embrace and pure contentment

Because the mustaches and mad dogs are amazing, not to mention that ring 😉


Demolishing the cliche ring shot creates the best moments

Air drinks taste the best, obviously.

Making her escape and irresistibly gaining the photographer attention

Gut busting

These sisters were meant to be in the same family. So stoked I got this one.

Warming up the pipes

Getting the right angle one the first dance that will last a lifetime

Taking a break with a little snuggle.

The wedding day is full of connections, not just the bride and groom’s

Trying to stay out of trouble following choice words

Grandpa face’s starts the spark

Flying fun

Some of the best father+daughter dance shots ever

Moves made mystify

Perfectly Candid

Corona, from a straw

The perfect light and expression

A image that highlights the wedding, one of the most emotionally packed and candid moments ever…ever

Hysterically charming

Baby got back

I love changing up the cake cutting shot, check out his light and square behind her as a perfect frame

It nice to have dance photos without boundaries

Tallest groomsman getting lower than anyone else

Street light symphony

Landmark of the ABQ Park Central

Epic fall and the most unexpected reactions possible

F a c e b o o k